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job costing & estimating

The VMS Job Costing & Estimating suite of applications is one of the most powerful and popular features in our product offerings. We can help you from start to finish. Contractors, ranging from General Contractors to large scale Mechanical Contractors, use our Job Costing system to control costs and processes throughout all aspects of the job. Whether you need accounting detail, the ability to manage change orders, track material, control labor costs, review your job position, control documents, or even review certified payroll reports, the VMS Construction Management suite will help you maximize your profits.

service management

VMS Service Management is a one source solution that combines electronic dispatching, preventative maintenance scheduling with tasking, service contract administration billing and field mobile invoicing. From receiving customer service calls and dispatching work orders to technicians in the field, to billing for completed work and analyzing productivity, Service Management Software handles every aspect of your Service department’s needs.

Starting from dispatch to the delivery of information to your technician out in the field, Service Management with the help of our eService, DocU, and Field Mobile Data application can dramatically create efficiencies with an automated workflow that begins with your customer and ends with technician hours being posted, upon service manager review, automatically to Payroll.

accounting & payroll

Construction accounting software and construction payroll software by VMS is designed to handle all of your accounting management needs. With industry proven core Accounting and Payroll applications written by our development team, we understand the accounting needs of contractors and specialty contractors alike. Because everything has been written solely by VMS, integrating your different business divisions has never been easier. Below are a few benefits of our core accounting applications. Please review below and see the value of a truly integrated accounting system.

Field Mobility Applications


Field Mobile Data is our field mobile application for your technicians. Using almost any device, cell phones, tablets, and even laptops, your technicians have the ability to complete work tickets, review history, create tickets and invoices, scan VMS barcodes, pull inventory, view documents, capture signatures, and take photos while out in the field.

  • Electronic service work tickets out in the field.
  • Data access for your technicians with dispatch comments, customer & site information, special instructions, equipment at the location, site documents & photos, and complete site history by equipment.
  • Full time stamping for work and billable hours, which eliminates paper time cards.
  • Technician status notifications automatically delivered to dispatch.
  • Print or email work performed tickets and/or invoices out in the field.
  • Compatible with Windows notebooks or laptops, iOS and Android devices (cell phones or tablets.)
  • Customer signature capture.
  • Photo capture for equipment.
  • Add parts, non-stock parts, and misc. charges (mileage/trip charge) quickly and easily.
  • Create and print the invoice all while on-site.
  • Ability to create after hours work tickets and purchase orders in the field.
  • Bar code scan capable.
  • Complete task list or checklist for preventative maintenance tickets.
Our electronic time capturing application that provides all of your employees with the ability to time stamp their jobs, service tickets, and even normal day-to-day back office activities. Using almost any device, you can finally stop using time cards to capture your employee hours. Employees also have the ability to view pay logs, pay stubs, and view their associated crews.
A new web-based portal designed to create transparency and strengthen your relationships with your customers. Perfect for contractors with national or regional accounts, eService is a comprehensive online system for automating work orders, approvals, subcontractor notifications, invoicing, and the storage of historical information and documents. Your clients will now have the ability to create jobs, review invoices, see account balances, and review equipment history all from one portal.
VMS DocU is a robust document management system created from the demand of our customers needing to easily access and store files and documents. With industry demand of the paperless office, we established DocU to make our client’s lives easier and less cluttered. Does this mean we won’t have any papers left? This is up to you and your business, but VMS DocU can help you with this process.
VMS Auto Attendant is the latest application for your VMS solution. Regardless of VMS product, VMS Auto Attendant is an automatic alert notification program that helps you manage mission critical milestones needed for your day-to-day operations. This application is embedded in each application in order to provide alerts to time critical events. Whether you’re a Project Manager needing an alert that a purchase order has been created or a CFO looking at your Sales Analysis where profit is below XX percentage, VMS Auto Attendant can be your business management alarm clock.


VMS Inventory and Sales order applications provide your company with key tools to help you purchase, stock, and distribute parts and materials to customers, service orders, and jobs. With the ability to handle multiple warehouses, serialized parts, barcode scanning, and RMA/Core tracking, we have a solution for your company to track inventory costs that could be flying out of your door.

Controlling costs is critical to the success of your business. Vertical Market Software provides an efficient way to control costs through our Inventory module, which allows you to track and manage stocked parts. Powerful Inventory search allows you to see quantities available, allocated, and sold. You can see who you’ve purchased items from and who you’ve sold to as well. Whether your inventory resides in a single warehouse, multiple remote warehouses or on your service trucks, Inventory Management Software helps ensure that your physical assets are not being written off and enables you to make more efficient use of your working capital.


Ventus provides powerful reporting tools to help you manage your day-to-day business activities and protect the margins to maintain your profits. With Numerous pre-formatted reports in each of our applications, our core reporting tools will provide you with the specific detail you need. Utilizing Microsoft’s SQL database technology, you have a robust, secure, stable, and flexible solution for storing and easily accessing your information.