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Preventive Maintenance: Ways to Manage Service Contracts

Most businesses would acknowledge that it is easier to keep an existing client satisfied, than to acquire a new one. With that being said, the importance of properly managing service contracts and promoting preventative maintenance is essential to the ongoing success of service businesses today. However, managing service contracts through manual processes and disjoined software solutions, as many companies are still operating with, typically yields a poor customer experience. Therefore, it is vital that companies within the service industry utilize a fully integrated software solution to both manage and automate their service contracts.

With the current trend of businesses shifting towards a paperless environment, while embracing technology at the same time, most of the successful companies have implemented a software solution to manage their service contracts. Software has continually evolved over the years to streamline these processes and improve both employee and customer satisfaction. Here are a few benefits a software solution can have when it comes to managing your service contracts.

1. Easy management of the service contracts.

A software solution enables companies to manage their service contracts with their clients in an effective and efficient manner. These solutions offer capabilities such as keeping track of inventory for service contracts, providing notifications for service reminders and expiring contracts, and even alert businesses when contracts are no longer profitable.

2. Provide a platform to connect with clients.

The system has the capabilities to segment your customers according to their needs. This makes it easy for the company to be able to update contract details, send out automated email campaigns or even advertise services relevant to each customer. In addition, clients can easily book their own service appointments, allowing customers to take greater control over their existing service contracts.

3. Equip technicians with better tools to get the job done.

By leveraging a software solution with mobile capabilities, technicians in the field can access real-time information such as customer details, warranty information, as well as service history records. With this information available to them, technicians can get the job done right the first time, which greatly improves customer satisfaction. In addition, technicians will be able to sell new contracts, or even renew existing contracts, while on site.

4. A platform to simplify calculations of a service contract.

Clients today want a clear and concise breakdown of their service contracts, so they can understand exactly what is included and what they are paying for. With a software solution for service businesses, you can create an itemized listing of the service contract details and display the information in an organized manner that is easy for your clients to comprehend. A software solution also helps to determine what to charge per service contract, while ensuring your business remains profitable.

Having a software solution in place to manage service contracts is a great benefit to any service business. A complete software solution connects all aspects of your business, with the ability to manage customer accounts, track labor hours, and manage inventory. With everything stored within a single software solution, instead of administrative work resulting in costly and time-consuming errors, your business can focus on managing service contracts and increasing profitability.

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