The importance of updating your software system.

The Importance of Updates . . .

Software updates to your operating system, and Ventus, help fix flaws, improve performance, add new features, and overall are designed to enhance the user experience. Another benefit that many forget is that updates also include bug fixes that optimize software performance, making it run more smoothly and efficiently, which allows you get the most out of your system.

While we release immediate updates to specific users for custom releases or reported software issues, we release a monthly update package to all users the 2nd Wednesday of each month. It is always recommended that you establish a routine update schedule (bi-monthly/quarterly) that meets your needs and it ensures you are receiving all the benefits of latter versions of Ventus.  Staying up-to-date helps us as well. Updated systems can aid support in understanding and answering your questions, avoid wasted time in researching issues that have been resolved in a prior update, and keep patches/fixes less impactful to install that lead to additional questions and frustrations from your team.

Unfortunately in the software world, regardless of software type or business size, there is ALWAYS the stereotype of “I pulled and update and now the software doesn’t work.” With this in mind, we are NOT recommending update on every release. Unless there is correction, enhancement or custom release for your company, which we announce in an email notification, we are highly recommending a bi-monthly or quarterly update process that will make sure you don’t fall too far behind with your Ventus system.

If you would like more information or if you are not receiving our release/update email, please contact