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4 Benefits of a Construction Management Software Solution

Many construction companies continue to rely on manual processes, hand-written paperwork and multiple systems to manage their business. Although this strategy works and will continue to work, investing in a construction management software solution can drastically improve your day-to-day operations. Taking the leap is the most difficult part, but once you do, integrated construction management software will provide long-term benefits.

Here are four areas you will see improvements in:

Greater Accessibility

A construction management software can significantly increase visibility among various teams within your business. Project managers can better track worker’s time by entering it in the field, as well as access real-time job cost tracking to make decisions based on the must up-do-date data. A fully integrated construction management software will allow for change orders, purchase orders, submittals and transmittals to be created. Other important functionalities include tracking material, controlling labor costs, reviewing job position, controlling documents or even review certified payroll reports. With a construction management system, access to information is at your fingertips, helping your business focus on the day-to-day activities necessary to help your business grow.

Greater Organization

With everyone utilizing the same system for accounting, project management, payroll and document management your business will experience greater organization. A construction management software allows for one point of entry of data, eliminating monotonous tasks of rekeying the same information among multiple systems. Once data like time entry are logged in the field, it automatically syncs with the back office. Hand-written timecards and paystubs are no longer necessary, which also reduces human error, keeping the entire business more unified and organized.

Improved Quality

Building on the first two points, with greater accessibility of information, and a more organized operation, your construction business is able to improve the overall quality and customer service you provide. Managing information becomes seamless and through more efficient processes, billing cycles can be reduced significantly. This not only improves customer satisfaction, but ensures you are able to finish jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Renewed Collaboration

With one, unified system being utilized along the entire organization, your staff in the office and in the field will experience greater collaboration. Instead of your business scrambling through different accounting, payroll, document management and project management systems, all information will be stored in one, central location. In addition, with more and more construction management software providing mobile capabilities, greater connection between the office and the field can be achieved.

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